SERMACS 2023 WCC Luncheon

Inclusive Hiring: “A Scaffolded, Anonymized Faculty Search Process” On October 27, Linette Watkins from James Madison University (JMU) presented their recently developed approach on hiring faculty members that reduces bias, […]


Saint Martin’s University Student Chapter: Chemistry as a Foundation for Non-Chemistry Careers

Puget Sound Local Section: Chemistry as a Foundation for Non-Chemistry Careers, Presented by Monique Phillips, BOLD Global Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb. Monique Phillips is an efficiency driven pharmaceutical professional with over a decade of experience. She began her career at BMS in 2008 as a Discovery Chemist. She has competencies across the industry. Her work includes small molecule discovery, clinical trial management, project management and clinical trial recruitment. Monique is passionate about health equity and ensuring that our clinical trials are inclusive of all our patients.


Moving The Needle: How Key Interventions Can Increase Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In STEM

Malika Jeffries-El is the Associate Dean of the Graduate School in Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Division of Materials Science at Boston University. Dr. Jeffries-EL’s research focuses on the development of organic semiconductors –materials that combine the processing properties of polymers with the electronic properties of semiconductors. 

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