Local & Regional Programs

ACS Regional Meetings

Many ACS Regional Meeting organizers will include WCC events for some of its programs. The event can be a symposium focused on a topic of interest to women chemists or it can be a WCC Breakfast or Luncheon with a keynote speaker.

ACS Southeastern Regional Meeting (SERMACS) 2022

The Women Chemists Committee co-sponsored two events at SERMACS 2022. ACS President Angela Wilson gave opening remarks for the WCC DEIR Luncheon held on October 20 with Dr. Laura Castillo-Page (Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, National Academies’) as the keynote speaker. An all-day symposium, “Crossing Boundaries: The Resilience of Women Chemists” was also held – Amy Balija, the WCC Chair and Danniebelle Haase, the WCC Program Chair, were presenters. Both events were very successful – attendees received WCC swag that included a WCC Women of Science tote.