Regional Meeting Events

ACS Regional Meetings

Many ACS Regional Meeting organizers will include WCC events for some of its programs. The event can be a symposium focused on a topic of interest to women chemists or it can be a WCC Breakfast or Luncheon with a keynote speaker.

May Nyman
May Nyman, 2023 Winner of the F. Albert Cotton Award in Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry

2023 NORM Meeting

The 2023 NORM meeting was held in Bozeman, Montana from June 28-30, 2023. The primary organizers were the Montana Local Section and the Chemistry Department at Montana State University. The WCC luncheon was organized by WCC member, Despina Strong who is also the chair of the Puget Sound Section (PSS) WCC. The luncheon was held on June 30th at the Alumni Legacy Lounge, Strand Union Building (Montana State University). The theme of the 2023 NORM was Chemistry, Elevated. The theme for the WCC luncheon was “Elevating Women Chemists”. The Keynote speaker was May Nyman. May is the 2023 winner of the F. Albert Cotton Award in Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry. The title of her talk was “Advances in metal-oxo cluster chemistry and X-Ray scattering and their application to environmental challenges of the 21st century”.

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