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Chemical Structure Association (CSA) Trust Grant Program – Deadline is April 12, 2024

The Chemical Structure Association (CSA) Trust is an internationally recognized organization established to promote the critical importance of chemical information to advances in chemical research. In support of its charter, the Trust has created a unique Grant Program and is now inviting the submission of grant applications for 2024.

Deadline for Applications:
The deadline for the 2024 Grant applications is April 12, 2024. Successful applicants will be notified no later than May 21, 2024.

Purpose of the Grants:
The Grant Program has been created to provide funding for the career development of young researchers who have demonstrated excellence in their education, research or development activities that are related to the systems and methods used to store, process and retrieve information about chemical structures, reactions and compounds. One or more Grants will be awarded annually up to a total combined maximum of ten thousand U.S. dollars ($10,000). Grantees have the option of payments being made in U.S. dollars or in British Pounds equivalent to the U.S. dollar amount. Grants are awarded for specific purposes, and within one year each grantee is required to submit a brief written report detailing how the grant funds were allocated. Grantees are also requested to recognize the support of the Trust in any paper or presentation that is given because of that support.

Who is Eligible?
Applicant(s) in the early stages of their career who have demonstrated excellence in their chemical information related research and who are developing careers that have the potential to have a positive impact on the utility of chemical information relevant to chemical structures, reactions, and compounds, are invited to submit applications. Applicants must be within five years of obtaining their PhD. Note that proposals from those who have not received a Grant in the past will be given preference. While the primary focus of the Grant Program is the career development of young researchers, additional bursaries may be made available at the discretion of the Trust. All requests must follow the application procedures noted below and will be weighed against the same criteria.

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ACS_Speaker_Directory_2022 Announcement

ACS is proud to present the ACS Speaker Directory. A resource for local section leaders to access a wide range of speakers for their in-person, virtual, hybrid, and asynchronous events. ACS Speaker Directory is designed to be an easy way to access a diverse group of global speakers. This new resource will allow members of the directory to have more speaking opportunities to share their knowledge in their fields with other chemists. For more information, please email lsac@acs.org

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Women in STEM Groups

While women have made great strides in STEM representation in recent years, challenges remain. Our team of experts at BestColleges.com have crafted a guide that introduces STEM/STEAM education, the challenges facing women in STEM in college and the workforce, and the future of women in STEM. Our resources are available for students nationwide:

ACS Resources of Interest for Women

ACS Institute

The ACS Institute is a comprehensive and authoritative learning platform supporting the broad chemistry community across the spectrum of learning – foundational education, career expertise, and professional development.

ACS Kids Zone

ACS Kids Zones are events that feature science activities conducted by ACS members to teach the public about the importance and relevance of chemistry.

Small Chemical Businesses

Provides resources to aid in the formation, development, and growth of small chemical businesses.

Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Aim to improve lives through the power of best chemical health and safety practices.

ACS Careers Events

Information on ACS Career Events Onsite and Virtual, Virtual Office Hours with ACS Career Consultants, Recruitment Events, etc.

Business Development and Management

Leads and fosters the community involved in management and business development aspects of the chemistry enterprise.

Industry Members Program

Information for industry professionals including ACS Industry Matters Newsletter, Professional Development, Funding & Awards, and Entrepreneurial Resources.

Science Cafes

Science cafés provide a relaxed, open venue for nonscientists and scientists to discuss current topics. By hosting a science café you can help promote scientific literacy within your local community and invigorate your local section about questions of the day with a scientific underpinning.

Careers & the Chemical Sciences

What can you do with Chemistry? This website offers information and resources to explore over 40 fields to find the right path wherever you are in your career.

ACS Get Experience Database, that includes undergraduate research, internships, summer jobs and co-ops that provide real-world experience for students interested in pursuing careers in the chemical sciences.  Opportunities are available around the world at companies, academic institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits. For more information, see  https://getexperience.acs.org/.

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