Other Awards & Recognition

Charles D. Coryell Award for Undergraduate Research in Nuclear Chemistry

Sponsored by: Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

The award honors undergraduate students who have completed research projects in nuclear or nuclear-related areas. Each year there is a $1000 prize to be awarded to the successful nominee(s).

PMSE Graduate Student Research Award

Sponsored by: Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering

This biannual award which provides $500 of partial travel support to graduate student women or underrepresented minority men to attend and present their research at the ACS national meetings.

Encouraging Women Into Careers in the Chemical Sciences Award

To recognize significant accomplishments by individuals who have stimulated or fostered the interest of women in chemistry, promoting their professional developments as chemists or chemical engineers. The award consists of $5,000 and a certificate. A grant of $10,000 will be made to an academic institution, designated by the recipient, to strengthen its activities in meeting the objectives of the award. Up to $1,500 for travel expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented will be reimbursed. The Women Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society will organize the award address.

The 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NTFA) is a four-decade-old program to encourage the pursuit of new ideas among tenure-track university professors. The awards are intended to provide support in the form of unrestricted research funds to assist faculty in earning tenure and contributing to their field and to foster on-going relationship with future leaders in academic research. Nominations are open Feb. 13 – March 17, 2023.

Founded in 1902 and organized on a nation-wide basis in 1916, Iota Sigma Pi serves to promote the advancement of women in chemistry by granting recognition to women who have demonstrated superior scholastic achievement and high professional competence.

IOTA SIGMA PI has an excellent program of awards for women chemists, both professionals and students. All awards have a deadline of February 15. Departments or individuals may nominate one person for each award. All nomination forms and criteria for the awards can be found on the website.

Awards Include:

  • Agnes Fay Morgan Research Award ($500)
  • Centennial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching ($500)
  • Violet Diller Award for Professional Excellence ($1000)
  • National Honorary Member ($1500)
  • Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Chemistry ($500)
  • Undergraduate Award for Excellence by a First Generation College Student ($500)
  • Gladys Anderson Emerson Undergraduate Scholarship ($2000)
  • Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research ($500)
  • Members-at-Large Educational Reentry Award ($1500)
Helen M. Free

Women’s History Month honors the contributions of women to American culture and society.

Grant Opportunities for Women Chemists

Funding Agency: ACS Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC)

Proposed innovative projects must be new to the applying local section, stimulate local section member involvement, and be pilot projects for a continuing section activity or else take advantage of a unique upcoming opportunity for the local section. Projects that support interaction with other ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS committees, other professional associations, or community groups are especially encouraged, as are programs that foster inclusiveness and participation of diverse section membership or segments of the general public.

Funding Agency: ACS Committee on Corporation Associates

The ACS Committee on Corporation Associates considers requests for seed grants that further CA’s role in areas agreed upon by the Committee. Funding guidelines for each applicant are generally up to $5,000 per calendar year. CA suggests the following areas for consideration: education in the field of chemical sciences; education of the public regarding the chemical industry; and enhancement of professionalism or safety in chemistry.

Funding Agency: ACS Committee on Local Section Activities

To provide up to $3,000 to local sections for embracing and advancing inclusion and equity across ACS and in their communities. The ACS Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) encourages applications for DEIR projects and programs that support interaction with other ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS committees, other professional associations, or community groups, foster inclusiveness and participation within your local section, and naturally, your local section’s interpretation of how to approach the topic may be very different, and LSAC looks forward to a wide array of grant proposals.

Funding Agency: ACS Committee on Local Section Activities

The ACS Committee on Local Section Activities provides $500 mini-grants to local sections that wish to host 2022 Science Cafés in their communities. Interested local sections should submit a mini-grant application by October 15, 2022. By hosting a Science Café, you can help promote scientific literacy within your local community and invigorate your local section about questions of the day with a scientific underpinning.

To recognize talented graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the chemical sciences who demonstrate leadership in mentoring, promotion of DEIR, and promotion of research safety.

To defray registration and travel costs for underrepresented students to attend the ACS Fall 2022 National Meeting and/or any career and professional development event of the recipient’s choice.

To recognize distinguished service to chemistry by women chemists.

To encourage the participation of undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs with disabilities who will present a talk or poster at an ACS Spring or Fall Meeting.

To support new projects led by senior ACS members that advance ACS’s values of diversity, equity, inclusion and respect.

Recognizes individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.

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