ChemLuminary Award

2022 WCC ChemLuminary Award ​Winner

The ACS held its 24th Annual ChemLuminary Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, August 23 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Grand Ballroom. The theme for 2022 was “Celebrate ACS Volunteers Sustained Excellence.” WCC presented its award for the Most Outstanding Women Chemists Local Section Event to the Northeastern Local Section. The Northeastern Local Section partnered with Northeastern University to host the section’s 2021 DEIR Series to support career development of scientists, encourage women and minority entrepreneurs, and learn about implicit bias and its effect on underrepresented groups.

The WCC sponsors one award for local sections each year to be presented at the ChemLuminary ceremony during the ACS Fall National Meeting. The ACS ChemLuminary Awards recognize volunteer participants in ACS Local Sections and Divisions whose efforts have helped to achieve excellence. In order to provide the opportunity to focus on different aspects of the WCC’s mission – to be leaders in attracting, developing, promoting and advocating for women in the chemical sciences – WCC rotates the category for the award on an annual basis.

Nomination Deadline

March 15th

Send nominations to and/or include the event details in the organization’s Annual Report

How to Nominate

Your section can self-nominate for a WCC ChemLuminary Award when submitting the section’s annual report to the ACS national office or your section can submit nominations directly to WCC. Plenty of local sections engage in award-worthy activities, but if they don’t “blow their own horns,” WCC can’t recognize them!

Self nominations often include:

  • A description of the event
  • How the award theme has been realized
  • How many people attended
  • Source of the funds
  • What did and did not work
  • Obstacles encountered and overcome
  • Photographs
  • Links to websites

In addition, there are two mandatory questions:

  1. What made your event/program outstanding? (Answers to this question may include information about the event attendance, feedback from participants, media attention, etc.)
  2. How does your event/program support the mission of the WCC?

Please include a photo of your activity if you have one. If you have already submitted your report via your local section annual report – great work! Please forward a copy of the report and a photo.  We would like to feature some local section WCC events in an upcoming WCC newsletter.


Note: This includes women (both cis and trans) and persons assigned female at birth (AFAB). For more information regarding the gender inclusive language used in this document, please click here