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Moving The Needle: How Key Interventions Can Increase Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In STEM

Malika Jeffries-El is the Associate Dean of the Graduate School in Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Division of Materials Science at Boston University. Dr. Jeffries-EL’s research focuses on the development of organic semiconductors –materials that combine the processing properties of polymers with the electronic properties of semiconductors. 

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The Queen’s University Student Chapter Celebrates WCC 95th Anniversary!

The Queen’s University Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society invites you to attend a short seminar as part of the 95 of the ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) . th Presenters Anniversary Celebration will include Dr. ( QWN Amanda Bongers (Chemistry), Angela Lyon/Dr. Shoma Sinha Network [ Queen’s Women’s ) & Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI)] [Representative from Sc ientista and/or WiSQ, and ( Awaiting response panel/Q&A by the presenters at the end . s ) ] , with a Refreshments will be provided.

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