WCC Welcomes Dr. Amy Balija as Committee Chair

Balija, Amy
Assistant Professor 
Department of Chemistry

It is our great pleasure to welcome our new WCC Committee Chair, Dr. Amy Balija. Amy has served on the WCC for over eight years. During this time, Amy has been and continues to be actively involved in many different WCC activities, with an overarching goal of advocating and promoting career advancement for women chemists. These activities include: managing the selection of ACS nationally recognized awards, writing about and publicizing the WCC’s activities, organizing and presiding over symposia and technical sessions at ACS national meetings, and developing webinars for the ACS, to name only a few. Amy was also instrumental in formulating the WCC’s 5-year strategic plan and continues to foster collaboration across the ACS, in order to fulfill the WCC’s missions.

Amy is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Radford University, where she leads a research program to develop novel green chemistry methods to synthesize small molecules, polymers, and dendrimers. Amy is also committed to undergraduate education: she has developed and teaches an undergraduate organic curriculum here. She has won local and national teaching and mentoring awards through her academic career. Amy is a co-author with undergraduates on publications ranging from dendrimer synthesis to chemical education. Before joining Radford University, Amy was an Assistant Professor at Fordham University for 9 years, and an ACS councilor for the North Jersey ACS Section. Amy also enjoys volunteering for the New River Valley Region of the Blue Ridge Council Scouts as the SuperNova mentor, and in her free time, she enjoys hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains with her son.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Dr. Amy Balija as our new WCC Committee Chair.