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by Despina Strong Recently, C&E News published the 2022 ACS National Award winners. The 2022 winners include chemists from governmental institutions, industry, and academia with several winners from organizations outside […]


Celebrating Dr. JoAnne Stubbe, 2020 Recipient of the Priestley Medal

We’re celebrating Dr. JoAnne Stubbe, the 2020 recipient of the Priestley Medal, the highest honor conferred by the ACS, and the fifth woman to receive the honor. Watch Dr. Stubbe’s inspiring keynote from the 2020 ACS National Awards Ceremony where she shares personal stories of resilience and wit as a female chemist in a male-dominated field, and of course, her award-winning research. https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/meetings/acs-meetings/about/meetings-archive/priestley-lectures/the-road-less-traveled.html?sc=210501_news_wcc