Eli Lilly Travel Award

Eli Lilly and Company is acknowledged for its support of the WCC/Eli Lilly Travel Awards program.

The ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) and Eli Lilly and Company sponsor a program to provide funding for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral female chemists to travel to meetings to present the results of their research. Through this program, WCC and Eli Lilly and Company continue to increase the participation of women in the chemical sciences.

Awards are made on the basis of scientific merit and financial need. Funds may be applied only for registration, travel, and accommodations, and are restricted to travel to meetings within the United States. Grant funds are limited, but there are some funds designated for undergraduates.

In additional to financial support, the award provides networking opportunities for recipients who attend an ACS national meeting. The WCC hosts a poster session and reception for awardees at each national meeting. In addition, awardees are invited to the WCC Luncheon where they receive recognition. The luncheon also provides a valuable networking opportunity as awardees sit at the head tables along with ACS governance and WCC members. Lastly, awardees are invited to a private dinner with WCC members which is generously sponsored by the ACS Executive Director.

2023 Awardees

Lauren Bodkin
University of Colorado

Elli Castonguay
University of Missouri

Abelline Fionah
University of Kentucky

Carolyn Karns
Eastern Illinois University

Ashley Keobounnam
Fresno State University

Miranda Kunes
University of Kentucky

Desire Ortiz Torres
University of Illinois-Chicago

Cecilia Paranjothi
University of Kansas

Natalie Reece
University of Tampa

Alessandra Zito
University of California-Irvine


Applications should be limited to one per research group. Awards will be given with preference to the following order:

  1. Any applicant who will be making her first presentation (regardless of format) at a national or major meeting.
  2. Graduate or postdoctoral applicants who have not presented at a national or major meeting since completing their undergraduate degree.

Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible. Those who have received a prior award under this program are ineligible. The WCC Attracting Subcommittee reviews applications and selects awardees.

How to Apply

The deadline for receipt of applications is:

  • June 1, 2023 for the ACS 2023 Fall Meeting

In the online application process, the applicant will be required to provide/upload the following:

  • A resume or C.V. (include permanent address).
  • A copy of her abstract submission which should include her abstract title, author(s), and text (The abstract submission confirmation will be required when funds are awarded).
  • A letter detailing the reasons why she wants this award (both scientific and financial), and specifying whether she has made a previous presentation at a national or major meeting.
  • A letter from her advisor confirming her participation in the meeting at which she will be making her presentation, commenting on her technical ability and potential, and listing any other travel support that would be available from the department or research grants.

A hard copy application form may also be requested:

  • Email: wcc@acs.org
  • American Chemical Society
    ACS Women Chemists Committee – Hach, 419
    1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036

Note: This includes women (both cis and trans) and persons assigned female at birth (AFAB). For more information regarding the gender inclusive language used in this document, please click here

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