WCC Event at the NERM 2023

WCC Networking Luncheon- June 16 at NERM 2023

Programming honoring women chemists was scheduled for June 16, 2023. WCC sponsored the WCC/EWOC luncheon from noon to 1:00 pm at Northeastern University’s Raytheon Auditorium, with a goal of welcoming all chemists, from all career paths and stages, to support women in chemistry. Attendance was originally capped at 75 but later expanded to 200 due to overwhelming demand. There were 135 early stage chemists and 63 professional level chemists in attendance. The event attracted many notable ACS leaders, including CEO Al Horvath, President Judy Giordan, President-Elect Mary Carroll, candidate for ACS President Dorothy Phillips, Directors Natalie LaFranzo, Katherine Lee, and Malika Jeffries-El, to name a few. EWOC representatives Michelle Garnsey and Carolyn Cohen co-organized the event. By all measures, the luncheon was an astounding success. It was by far the best attended event at the conference. The room was filled to capacity, with introductions, networking, and jovial conversations taking place at every table.