The Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2023 WCC Event

On September 15th, the RMRM held its Women Chemists Committee Luncheon at the University of Wyoming Conference Center. Approximately 70 people attended the luncheon which was co-sponsored by WCC, including members of the ACS Board of Directors, male supporters, and international graduate students. To encourage conversations about issues of relevance to women, six self-identified women ranging from a newly minted Ph.D. to a seasoned CEO held a panel discussion which was moderated by a female undergraduate chemical engineering student. Discussions during the one-hour luncheon focused on overcoming obstacles in career paths, maintaining a work-life balance, and providing advice for aspiring chemists. A lively debate involved the perspective of women in the workplace and women should become immune to negative comments from others that might impact their careers. Amy Balija, chair of the ACS Women Chemists Committee attend the event.