SERMACS 2023 WCC Luncheon

Inclusive Hiring: “A Scaffolded, Anonymized Faculty Search Process”

On October 27, Linette Watkins from James Madison University (JMU) presented their recently developed approach on hiring faculty members that reduces bias, and increases transparency and diversity. This process started in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at JMU in 2021 and focused on anonymizing the application process and increasing the transparency by being explicit on their expectations and providing same resources to all candidates. The JMU team is implementing this process again this year. Additional information can be found at the following athtps://  The presentation was well received with a great deal of discussion and engagement at the end. This event was organized by Cassie Lilly and Crispina Borges of the North Carolina Local Section WCC. It was also well attended and included several ACS Leaders: ACS President Judy Giordan and Directors Lisa Houston, Natalie La Franzo, Will Lynch, and Carol Ribes. During the program, Indu Kheterpal gave a brief overview of the national Women Chemists Committee.